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Сообщение написано ZHASANOV-GOD в 30.08.2010 :: 17:14:47

Заголовок: 1 сентября старт l2playtrix.com
Создано ZHASANOV-GOD в 30.08.2010 :: 17:14:47

Server Info
Xp rate 5x
Sp rate 5x
Party xp/sp rate 1,2x (=6x)
Drop rate 6x
Spoil rate 15x
Quest item drop rate 10x
Quest reward rate 5x
Pet xp rate 5x

Gracia Epilogue server with Stack-subclass system where you can get 2 classes skills at the same time with one character. Stack-subclasses are limited to one stacked class with each character. (Meaning you can get only 1 stacked subclass with each character.
No donations! - More balanced gameplay for everyone.
No GM Shop – Anykind!
No NPC Buffer – We encourage ppl to play with support classes! (Excluding newbie buffer)
Active and helpful Admins/GMs – Feel free to ask anything and we’ll do our best to aid you.

1 I want to create Hawkeye and to play for it, then to add StuckSub Prophet.
Prophet have skill Light Armor Mastery (When light armor is equipped, P. Def. increases by 19.8, Casting Spd. increases by 91%, Atk. Spd. increases by 25%, and MP recovery bonus increases by 20%)
Hawkeye have skill Light Armor Mastery P. Def. increases by 15.7, evasion increases by 7, and the rate of being targeted for critical damage decreases by 25% when light armor is equipped.
Prophet give me bonus Atk. Spd. increases by 25% - If it works????? If it doesn't work then I don't want to create Hawkeye.
2 Whether will be on sale mana potion work????
3 Max atack speed for Lineage 2 Gracia Epilogue 1500, let's clean this restriction

1. Yes full stack, so it works as you said.
2. havent decided yet I think there will be some special quest for them
3.1500 is maxium

Заголовок: Re: 1 сентября старт l2playtrix.com
Создано ZM_NATION в 30.08.2010 :: 18:12:07
да нафиг этот иностранный серв
русских будто мало :)

Заголовок: Re: 1 сентября старт l2playtrix.com
Создано ZHASANOV-GOD в 31.08.2010 :: 07:02:54
Зато стаксаб :)

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